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2nd International Seminar on Wetland Environmental Managements Wetlands Environmental Managements and Green Economy

2nd International Seminar on Wetland Environmental Managements

Wetlands Environmental Managements and Green Economy

Joint Program of Lambung Mangkurat University and Government of South Kalimantan Province

Banjarmasin, September 19-20, 2013


Distinguish and dear colleagues and friends,

We are proud to announce that we are organizing the 2nd International Workshop and Seminar on Wetlands Environmental Management (ISWEM) which will be held in September 19, 2013 in Banjarmasin.

The theme of this years international workshop and seminar is Wetlands EnvironmentalManagement and Green Economy and aims at (1) elucidating the potency of wetlands environmental management in supporting green economy, and (2) exploring the global green economy models and designing green economy model(s) for wetlands development. The current event will be the second workshop and seminar on Wetland Environmental Management and will be held in collaboration with the Government of South Kalimantan Province.

We are very pleased and honored to invite you to share and contribute to its success bycontributing ideas, submitting papers, and/or sponsoring this event. The event will be held in Lambung Mangkurat University, which is located in Banjarmasin and surrounded by wetlands rich with biodiversities, rivers, and traditional cultures. We are confident that this international workshop and seminar and the Banjarmasins nature will be attractive, fruitful and memorable to you. We are looking forward to welcoming and meting you in Banjarmasin next September with unique, pleasant and unforgettable experience in highly stimulating environment.

Chair of ISWEM,

Abdul Hadi, PhD

Professor in Soil Science,Lambung Mangkurat University Banjarmasin, Indonesia Email: ahadi@iswem.or.id


Towa Tachibana (Chiba University, Japan), Akira Shibata (Biochar Association, Japan), DoungVan Ni (Canthou University, Vietnam), Rosenani Abu Bakar (Universiti Putra, Malaysia).



Muhammad Ruslan 1111111111111111111111

Hadin Muhjad


Idianor Mahyudin

Sutarto Hadi

Ahmad Alim Bachri

Dedi Nursyamsi

Gustan Pari

I Nyoman Suryaputra

Eko Ananto

Abdul Hadi

Yudhi Firmanul Ariffin

Ronny Riduan

Hasrul Satria

Rini H


Arief Budiman


Lena Hanifah

Alia Rahmi


Fadly H. Yusran

Abrani Sulaiman

Wahyu Firmansyah



Yuspihana Fitrial





Haris Fadillah


Laila Zahroh

Abdul Gafur

Anna Maria M




Enny Fahrati


Akhsin Rifai



H. Ifansyah






The global financial crisis has shown that the current model of development was not in line withglobal needs and needed redesigning to promote sustainable livelihood. For example, the wetlands developments have resulted the decrease of environment quality, caused the social conflict and enhanced biodiversity loss hence need a more sustainable approaches.

Green Economy is one development approach that that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological destructions. The green economy approach has been adopted and determined in many countries in policies, regulatory and institutional frameworks.

The Second United Indonesia Cabinet launched a green economy program as part of its sustainable development plan which is pro-growth, pro-job, and pro-poor. To support the implementation of green economics, programs have been drown up on food resilience by implementing sustainable agriculture, sustainable forest management, efficiency and renewable energy usage, clean technology support, waste management, efficient and low carbon transportation and green infrastructure development.

Located in swamp-dominated South Kalimantan, Lambung Mangkurat University (UNLAM) has choice swampland study as its main core of excellence. In this regard, UNLAM has been designing and implementing curriculums, researches and public services mainly on wetlands. An international Seminar and Workshop on Education, Research and Public Services for Wetlands has been held in 2012 by UNLAM in collaboration with the Government of South Kalimantan Province (PEMDA Kalsel).

The current International Seminar and Workshop will be the second Seminar and Workshop onWetland Environment Management and aim at (1) elucidating the potency of wetlands environment management in supporting green economy, and (2) exploring the global green economy models and designing green economy model(s) for wetlands development.


The International Seminar and Workshop will be attended by Minister of Forestry and Minister of Science and Technology, Republic of Indonesia, Governor of South Kalimantan, Representative of District Governments, Researchers, Academia, Businessman, and Post graduate students.

Key note speech will be delivered by:

  1. Minister of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia (to be confimed): Forest Sectors as Driver of Green Economy Transformation in Indonesia.
  2. Minister of Science and Technology, Republic of Indonesia (to be confirmed): Research Policy and Direction toward Green Economy.
  3. The Audit Board of Republic of Indonesia: Environmental Management and Audit in Managing Natural Resources.
  4. Governor of SK: Borneo toward Global Green Economy Movement


The workshop will consist of discussion and idea-generating presentations as below:

  1. Prof. Akira Shibata (Japan): Certifying Agriculture Product as an Example of Go Green Movement in Japan
  2. (USA, to be named): Wetlands Environmental Management and Green Economy in USA
  3. Prof. Ingrid (the Netherland, to be confirmed): Wetlands Environmental Management and Green Economy in the Netherland
  4. Prof. Gustan Pari (Indonesia): Biochar Technology as a Go Green Movement in Indonesia
  5. BNI (Indonesia): Lesson learn on financing Green Projects
  6. PT. Silo (Indonesia): Success Story in Greening Coastal Area of Kotabaru District



Parallel seminars will be held following the plenary and workshop sessions. The presenters of the sessions will be the PEMDA-granted researchers, other researchers and post graduate students in forms of oral and/or poster presentations.


The organizers cordially invite seminar and workshop papers addressing the event theme for either oral and poster presentation. Please register on-line and submit extended abstract by September 10, 2013 at iswem.lemlit.unlam.ac.id. If you have problem with on-line submission, please submit your abstract as attachment file to Organizing Secretariat (ronnyrdn@gmail.com).

Format. The structure of the extended abstract must consist of the following and is 2-4 pages long: (1) Title, (2) Affiliation of the author(s), (3) Abstract, (4) Introduction, (5) Methods, (6) Results and Discussion, (7) Conclusion, and (8) Reference. The text should be single spaced and written using Time New Romans in font size 12, except Title that should be written in font size 14. The margin for all sides is 3.0 cm.

Notification and Presentation. The Committee reserves the right to designate a paper either oral or poster presentation. Authors will be notified of the acceptance and form of presentation of submitted abstract by September 17, 2013. A total 20 min including discussion will be allowed for each oral presentation. The poster authors are requested to prepare their own posters. One standard poster board of 0.7 m x 1.0 m will be provided for each poster. Poster board assignment will be given to each author on the registration. Both oral and poster presenters will be invited to submit the full papers to International Journals of Wetlands Environment Management by October 31, 2013.


Registration Fee

Regular presenters     11

Presenter students

Regular attendants

By September 17, 2013

Rp. 500,000           111

Rp. 250,000

Rp. 250,000

On site



Rp. 300,000

The registration fee includes access to Opening Ceremony, Scientific Sessions, ClosingCeremony, name badge, seminar kit, coffee breaks, lunch, and certificate of attendance. The registration fees should be paid by September 17, 2013 through bank transfer to BNI Banjarbaru Bruch, account No. 0081077332 (Dr. Rini Hustiany) or on-site for regular attendants only.


International Seminar and Workshop will be held on September 19-20, 2013 in Lambung Mangkurat University, Banjarmasin, Indonesia. The general provisional schedule is as follow:

0700-0800 0800-1000 1000-1200 1300-1500 1500-1700
Sep 19  0 Registration  0

Plenerysession  0

Workshop 1 Worhshop 2  0 Seminar 1   0
Sep 20 Registration Seminar 2

Wrap-up &Closing






Secretariat: Lembaga Penelitian UNLAM, Jl. H. Hasan Basry, Banjarmasin, Tel/Fax: 0511-3305240 E-mail: lemlit_unlam@yahoo.co.id.

Contact Person: Dra. Saadaturrahmi (081251132620); Hasrul Satria Nur, S.Si, M.Si (082153731798).

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