Tuesday, May 26 2020

Identification of Lowland Irrigation Condition On Irrigation Network Krueng Aceh And Krueng Jreu In Aceh Besar


Deddy Erfandi

IAARD Researcher at Indonesian Soil Research Institute, Jl.Tentara Pelajar 12, Cimanggu. Bogor. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Abstract. Earthquake and tsunami on December 24, 2004 had caused many damages to infrastructure,  including agricultural facilities. Damages on the agricultural infrastructures have an impact on crops productivity, especially rice fields. To identify the condition of the paddy field irrigation infrastructure, field observations had been carried out. Survey locations are on irrigation network (IN) of Krueng Aceh and Krueng Jreu in Aceh Besar. Infrastructures  observed were irrigation and drainage systems, and the channels direct to paddy fields. Observation was also made on soil properties from multiple location. Observation results informed that there were there conditions of krueng aceh IN areas: good (about 3,283 ha or 50%), moderate (about 657 ha or10%), and somewhat poor (about 2,626 ha or 40%). In addition, irrigation condition in the krueng Jreu IN were: still in good condition (about 1,890 ha or 60%), moderate (315 ha or 10%), somewhat poor (about 945 ha or 30%). Reduced irrigation condition can cause by damaging to upstream area, changes in vegetation density in the hills/mountains up stream. While in the down stream irrigation is reduced due to damage to irrigation infrastructure. This is caused by human and natural influences such as house hold garbage, and earthquakes. Direct human influence resulted inseveral things, among others: 1) the accumulation of garbage, especially drainage and water gates, and 2) loss/destruction of the water gate. Effect of human nature directly and indirectly include: 1) the building is old, 2) flood, 3) sedimentation, and 4) the growth of weed sand algae in water bodies.

Keywords: Lowland, infrastructure, Krueng Aceh, Krueng Jreu, Aceh Besar


Tsunami occurrence in December 2004, Aceh Province has a lot of infrastructure damage non-agricultural and agricultural  fields. Agriculture include loss off farm land due to sea water permanently sub merged, damage to farm land by erosion, increased salinity (salinity) of land and destruction of irrigation and drainage systems. With the destruction of irrigation systems lead to disruption of the system of production and marketing of agricultural products.

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